Intraday short selling (IDSS) on Bursa Malaysia is available to all eligible customers of RHB Investment Bank. To carry out short selling, you will need to contact your Dealer’s Representative.

What is Intraday Short Selling (IDSS)?

IDSS allows investors to sell securities that they don’t own, and then buy the same later to square off. All sell positions must be closed off with buy positions within the same trading day.

Can IDSS be applied to all listed securities on Bursa Malaysia?

No. IDSS can only be applied to selected securities in the list determined by Bursa Malaysia. This list will be reviewed and updated every six months by Bursa Malaysia.

Can everyone enjoy IDSS?

This facility is open to all clients (excluding Margin, Islamic, EPF-SPA and AMARA trading accounts) subject to satisfactory due-diligence, credit evaluation process and all the necessary credit approvals by RHB Investment Bank.

Can I perform IDSS via online trading channels, i.e. the mobile app, web?

IDSS can only be performed via assistance of your Dealer’s Representative (DR). You will need to contact your DR to place your orders.

I am interested in IDSS. What’s next?

After you have filled in the required documents, contact your Dealer’s Representative if you are an existing customer. Otherwise, sign up for a trading account if you are not yet a customer with RHB Investment Bank.