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The right partner to trade futures is the most important part of your investment and trading journey. RHB Investment Bank is proud to be your trading partner. Let us guide you every step of the way, from making the first trade and helping you hone your trading skills.

Come to any one of our regular events to see how to trade Bursa Malaysia Derivatives & Global Futures Markets. Whether you are trading Bursa Malaysia Derivatives’ Crude Palm Oil or CME Group’s Gold, Crude Oil, Stock Indices & Commodity Futures, we have the platform for you.

RHB Investment Bank offer multiple trading platforms available for desktop as well as your iOS and Android smart devices. For more information you can leave your details with us below or call 603-2113 8118 for assistance.

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Whether it is Crude Palm Oil, Gold, Crude Oil, Soybeans, S&P 500 or Dow Jones index, you will find trading opportunities every single day in Global Futures markets.

Six great reasons to trade Futures

  • Bull or Bear, there’s always opportunity to profit from uptrends and downtrends in the markets
  • Use leverage to enhance returns by up to 20 times
  • Wide choice of instruments that include indices, commodities, interest rates, precious metals
  • Volatility lets you take advantage of strong trends in a variety of different markets
  • Protection for your underlying portfolios
  • Lower transaction cost compared to same value of investment in cash market

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