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Android phones with OS below 4.0 will not be supported. List below are popular phones with OS below 4.0:

Brand Model Year
Samsung Galaxy S 2010
Nexus S 2010
Galaxy A 2010
Galaxy Note 2011
Galaxy S2 2011
Galaxy Ace 2011
Galaxy Y 2011
Galaxy Beam 2012
Lenovo A60 2011
K800 2012
A269i 2013
A690 2013
Huawei Impulse 2011
U8520 Duplex 2011
M886 Mercury 2011
Fusion 2 2012
U8180 IDEOS 2011
Ascend Y 2012
LG Optimus 3D P920 2011
Optimus 2X 2011
Optimus Black 2011
Optimus 4G LTE P935 2011
Prada 3.0 2012
ZTE Blade 2010
Warp 2011
Libra 2011
HTC Desire 2010
Google Nexus One 2010
Evo 4G 2010