Call Warrant Underlying HK Stock Code Strike Price Exercise Ratio Expiry Date
A50CHIN-C26 iShare FTSE A50 China Index ETF 2823 HKD 11.80 3.0 25 June 2019
A50CHIN-C28 HKD 13.80 3.0

RHB Warrant now moves into the Greater China! iShares FTSE A50 China Index Exchange Traded Fund (China A50 ETF) is a Hong Kong listed ETF that is designed to track the performance of an index composed of the 50 largest companies in mainland China, namely Ping An Insurance, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong and etc. This China A50 ETF is one of the most popularly traded funds that gives investor access to the China market.

With the issuance of a Bursa-traded call warrant over the China A50 ETF, local investors can gain a leverage exposure to the China market via our new ACHIN50-C26 and ACHIN50-C28.



Call Warrant Underlying HK Stock Code Strike Price Exercise Ratio Expiry Date
MENGNIU-C2 China Mengniu Dairy 2319 HKD 24.00 12.0 25 June 2019
HKEX-CF Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing 388 HKD 220.00 80.0

Bullish on Hong Kong and China companies? And wish to trade them at a fraction of the share price? Call warrants, listed by RHB is the investment tool you may want to look at. RHB strives to offer more variety of warrants to our investors. In addition to the hundreds of Malaysian stock warrant, RHB listed 10 Hong Kong stock warrants covering giants like Tencent, Bank of China, Geely etc. Now, RHB is adding China Mengniu Dairy and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing to the list.

Did you know that China Mengniu Dairy Company (stock code: 2319) is one of the 2018  top 10 world largest dairy product producers? The milk-product manufacturer has a market capitalisation of about HKD9 billion and it has already recorded a 38.6% jump in its net profit for 1H18. In a recent statement by CEO Lu Minfang, the company is looking to expand its state-of-the-art infant formula plant at Pokeno, where it is fast becoming an infant formula hub once the expansion is complete!

Did you know that Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (stock code: 388) has regained its top spot in the global fund raising ranking this year? Boosted by a raft of IPOs, the exchange reported a interim net profit of over HKD 5.0billion, up 44%. the highest half-year profit since the exchange was established and listed in 2000! According to consensus analyst rating on Bloomberg, the company has a 12-month target price of HKD282, approximately 35% upside from 10th October 2018 close.

Call Warrant Underlying HK Stock Code Strike Price Exercise Ratio Expiry Date
BOC-C5 Bank Of China 3988 HKD 3.50 1.5 30 May 2019
CKHUTCH-C3 CK Hutchison 1 HKD 92.00 25
CHMOBIL-CG China Mobile 941 HKD 80.00 25
CGARDEN-C1 Country Garden 2007 HKD 10.50 10
GEELY-C1 Geely Auto 175 HKD 15.80 15
ICBC-CF Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 1398 HKD 5.80 3
PINGAN-C2 Ping An Insurance 2318 HKD 85.00 40
SANDS-C9 Sands China 1928 HKD 38.00 25
TENCENT-C7 Tencent 700 HKD 338.00 150
XIAOMI-C1 Xiaomi 1810 HKD 16.00 10

Hong Kong Stock Warrants currently listed on Bursa Malaysia allows investor to gain leveraged exposure to some of the biggest Hong Kong and China companies at a fraction of the price, right here in Malaysia! These call warrants are traded and settled in Malaysian Ringgit (“MYR”).

Stamp duty is 0% for investments in structured warrants for 3 years beginning January 2018.

NOTE: Investors are at all times required to read and understand the base prospectus dated 23 October 2018 and the relevant term sheets dated 17th October 2018 and 12th November 2018 to make their own risk assessment and seek professional advise (where necessary) prior to investing in the warrant. A copy of the Base Prospectus and term sheets are uploaded in