What are Structured Warrants?

Structured Warrants are short-term trading tool, typically 6-9 months, which allows you to gain a leveraged exposure to some of your favourite shares, with less capital. It is traded and listed on Bursa Malaysia.

5 reasons to start your warrants journey now!

  • Structured Warrants exposes an investor to the performance of the share at a cheaper price.

  • Structured Warrants amplify the performance of the share, meaning it could potentially see a bigger percentage move in the Structured Warrants as compared to the share.

  • Good news since January 2018 as stamp duty of 0.01% for investments in Structured Warrants are exempted for 3 years until end of year 2020. In other words, a saving of RM10 for every RM10,000 buy or sell trades done!

  • With the same Malaysian trading account, you can now gain exposure to some of the world’s largest companies listed in Hong Kong via these Structured Warrants.

  • Structured Warrants provide investors an opportunity to trade in the bull market (i.e. call warrants) and bear market (i.e. put warrants).

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