Amazing choices await when you trade.

Got loads of RHB SmartPoints while trading?

Convert them to BIG Points – easy!

What’s next?

Convert your SmartPoints to BIG Points and redeem amazing deals including:

Step 1
Lifestyle vouchers

On the BIG Rewards app

Step 2
Groceries & fresh produce

On AirAsia grocer

Step 3
F&B deals

On AirAsia food

Step 3
Self-care products

On AirAsia beauty

Want more?

Convert your SmartPoints to BIG Points and earn up to 100% Bonus BIG Points.
Existing BIG Points Converter: 50% Bonus Points.
New BIG Points Converter: 100% Bonus Points.

*Terms and conditions apply

Campaign Name: Regional Points Conversion Campaign
Campaign Duration: 15 October 2021 to 14 November 2021

What can I redeem?

To get you started, we've rounded up some awesome deals right below – just for you. Keep a lookout for more great deals that will be uploaded in the future.

*Subject to availability.

Step 1

Medical Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

5,375 BIG Points
(or 125 BIG Points + RM43.21)

Step 2

Caring eStore Cash Voucher RM5

375 BIG Points
(or 125 BIG Points + RM2.06)

Step 3

Haagen-Dazs Cash Voucher RM10

1,220 BIG Points
(or 125 BIG Points + RM9.12)

Step 1
Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe Cash Voucher RM10

1,250 BIG Points
(or 125 BIG Points + RM9.38)

Step 2
Durian Hill

Durian Hill RM50 cash voucher for Frozen Durian

5,625 BIG Points
(or 125 BIG Points + RM 45.26)

Step 3
Santan Restaurant

Santan Cash Voucher RM35

3,750 BIG Points
(or 125 BIG Points + RM29.85)

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