SmartPoints loyalty programme rewards you with SmartPoints when you trade Equities or Futures Contracts via RHB Investment Bank. By accumulating SmartPoints, you may redeem various lifestyles products, services, deals and more.

You can apply at any RHB Investment Bank branch listed here or sign up here.

In order to earn SmartPoints, you would need to:
  • An online trade on shares listed on Bursa Malaysia and Foreign Exchanges via online trading portal of RHB Investment Bank.
  • A trade done through dealer / remisier on shares listed on Bursa Malaysia and Foreign Exchanges offered by RHB Investment Bank provided that the Eligible Participant has an online equity account and has subscribed to receive statements via RHB TradeSmart or email.
  • An online trade via any futures online trading platform or an offline trade via Futures Brokers Representatives on any futures contracts offered by RHB Investment Bank.

Earned SmartPoints are automatically computed and viewable HERE

Yes, your SmartPoints from all qualified trades completed on all your individual trading accounts will be combined and shown to you.

Yes. All SmartPoints earned will expire after 3 calendar years from the date the points are credited or upon closure of all individual trading accounts, whichever is earlier.

Example of SmartPoints Usage Activity SmartPoints Balance
1st July 2015 Customer Earned 30 SmartPoints 30
15th July 2015 Customer Earned 40 SmartPoints 70 (30+40)
13th August 2015 Customer Earned 50 SmartPoints 120 (70+50)
1st September 2015 - 31st January 2018 Customer Earned Cumulative of 5000 SmartPoints 5120 (5000+120)
31st July 2018 Expiry of SmartPoints Earned in July 2015 5050 (5120-70)
31st August 2018 Expiry of SmartPoints Earned in August 2015 5000 (5050-50)

The SmartPoints that you earn can be used for:
  • Redemption of Bursa Malaysia Equities 5 levels of market depth data (2,000 SmartPoints = 1 year subscription)
  • Conversion to RHB Platinum Credit Card or RHB Visa Infinite Credit Card rewards points (3 SmartPoints = 5 credit card reward points)
  • Conversion to AirAsia BIG Points (3 SmartPoints = 1 AirAsia BIG Point)
  • Conversion to Touch 'n Go eWallet credit (1000 SmartPoints = RM5 eWallet credit)

No. Your SmartPoints cannot be converted to cash.

You can check your SmartPoints balance when you login HERE or click on the SmartPoints link when you log in to the desktop or the web version of RHB TradeSmart.

SmartPoints earned from trading will be credited to you within 2 working days. (This excludes SmartPoints earned through ad hoc campaigns and promotions, which will be credited to you in accordance with the terms and conditions of each campaign and promotion).

For share trading, you will earn SmartPoints for every online trade whereas for trades done via your dealer or remisier you will earn SmartPoints if you have an online account with RHB TradeSmart and have subscribed to receive your statements via RHB TradeSmart or email.

For trading in futures contracts, your SmartPoints are earned when you trade futures contracts online or offline.

Regardless of share trading or trading in futures contracts, you must have an RHB TradeSmart online account in order to earn SmartPoints.

Please contact our Call Centre 03 - 2113 8118 or email or ask your respective dealer's representative for assistance.