A platform for TradeSmart traders to analyse on fundamental values of a stock for better investment choices

Finding the right stock gets easier

Fundamental database takes the guesswork out of choosing stocks for investment.

With help from the comprehensive Fundamental Database that's available on your TradeSmart website, you can now easily filter stocks according to your preferred criteria.

For example, if you are keen on dividend yielding stocks, you could call up a list of "Top 20 Dividend Yield Stocks" for reference or "Companies paying dividends more than 80% of its net profit".

Alternatively, if you're looking for stocks with growth, you could refer to "Highest Growth in Net Profit Q-on-Q" or "Highest Continuous Growth in net profit over 5 Quarters".

Here's how to access the Fundamental Database on your TradeSmart:

  1. Log in to your TradeSmart account.
  2. On the main live price page, right click on a specific stock. In the dropdown menu, select Fundamental Database.

  3. The Fundamental Database page will be loaded in a new window.


10 years database history of Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cashflow

10 years of ratios
& indices data

10 years of Capital
Dividend information


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