Users can either self reset the password at the TradeSmart website or contact the TradeSmart Call Center

You need to be 18 years of age and above.

You may do so by contacting us at 6 03 2113 8118.

You can change your mailing address by:

  • Filling up this form and mailing it to the branch where you maintain your account OR

  • Going to the branch where you maintain your account and filling up the relevant form.

If you have online access to RHB TradeSmart, you may change your email or your phone at the Edit Profile page once you login. If you do not have online access to RHB TradeSmart, please fill in this form and mail it to the branch where you maintain your account or you may visit the branch.

Please contact your remisier/dealer to perform an offline transaction and request for reactivation.

In compliance with Bursa Malaysia Depository (BMD) rules and regulations, a joint or a partnership account is not permitted.

In compliance with Bursa Malaysia Depository (BMD) and Bursa Malaysia rules and regulations, you cannot apply or open a trading account on behalf of another person unless you are vested with the Power of Attorney.

Yes, you can. You will have to open a trading account with RHB Investment Bank Berhad before you register with TradeSmart for online trading. At this moment, TradeSmart will be offered only if you open your account with RHB Investment Bank branches.

Yes, you need to have a CDS account with RHB Investment Bank Berhad to trade online. There are two options - you may choose to open a CDS account under your own name or open a CDS account under RHB Nominees (a wholly owned subsidiary of RHB Investment Bank Berhad) favouring your name as the beneficial owner. Should you choose the latter, RHB Nominees will provide you nominee services which include application of rights issue, dividends, etc. at a nomimal fee. However, do take note that a CDS account under a Nominee Company name cannot be used for IPO applications. A charge of RM10.00 is levied by Bursa Malaysia Depository (BMD) for the opening of a CDS account.

No, currently TradeSmart allows trading via accounts opened with RHB Investment Bank Berhad only.

No, unless the company submits a separate company resolution which is subject to management approval. You can refer to your dealer’s representative for more information.

You can only transfer your shares into your own CDS account. No third party transfer is allowed by Bursa Malaysia Depository (BMD).

Yes, you need to inform your Dealer’s Representative.

Our Dealer Representative will call you to arrange for an appointment with you to complete the process of opening a trading account.

What is e-Statement?
It is an alternative delivery mode offered by RHB Investment Bank Berhad (“the Bank”) which enables you to receive your daily and monthly statements via e-mail.

What are the benefits of using e-Statement?
1. Access to your statement anytime and anywhere.
2. No more delays by postmen or mail wrongly delivered to your neighbour’s house.
3. Environmental friendly – You are helping to preserve the trees for the next generation.

How do I change to or apply for the e-Statement delivery mode?
If you are an online client, login to RHB TradeSmart and click on Edit Profile, then click on Subscriptions. If you are not an online client, you may apply for an online account or complete the following document and submit the same to your Dealer’s Representatives:

1. Existing Clients
"Updating of Client’s Particular Form" - Select "Email only" under "Delivery of Contract Notes / Statements" section. Click here to download the form.

2. New Clients
"Account Opening Application Form" - Select "Email only" under "Delivery of Contract Notes / Statements" section.

When will I receive my e-Statement?
You will start receiving your statements in your email after one (1) working day upon submission of the relevant form to the Operations Department. As usual, if you are trading in stock exchanges in the similar time zone (e.g. Bursa Malaysia, SGX, HKEX, and etc), you will receive the statement on T+1 day. For stock exchanges under the Western Time Zone (e.g. NYSE, NASDAQ, and etc), you will receive the statement on T+2 day.

In the event that the e-Statement is not successfully delivered to you by T+1 day (T+2 day for foreign trade in the western time zone) due to invalid e-mail address or full mail box a hardcopy will be posted on the same day as usual in the normal postal delivery mode. Your Dealer’s Representatives shall contact you to validate your email address. Your trading account will be automatically suspended if your email address is not validated within 14 days.

How do I ensure that no other unauthorised persons access my e-Statement?
Your e-Statement is encrypted with a password. The password is your NRIC / Passport Number, or Company’s Registration Number (if you are an authorised recipient for your corporate account) without any symbols and spacing therein. Please be mindful that you shall not share your password and shall log off your terminal when you are not accessing it.

Can I opt to receive both hardcopy and e-Statement?
No, you shall opt for e-mail delivery mode only to be more meaningful in your save-the-green efforts.