The trading platform we provide is called J Trader which is an application based software.

You can download and install the J Trader application software HERE. Please refer to the J Trader USER GUIDE or contact your Futures Broker’s Representative for further assistance on the trading platform.

Yes, Futures price quotes are all live feeds that are updated in real time.

Access to the trading screen is only available when you log-in using your Login Username and Password. Therefore, it is important that you DO NOT reveal your user details to anyone or allow another party to trade on your behalf. You must also remember to log-out after each session.

Yes, as long as you have internet access and the minimum system requirements are met.

The trading hours of the respective futures contracts would determine the time you can key in your orders. Please contact your Futures Broker’s Representative or visit the respective exchanges’ websites for more information on the trading hours.

All day orders submitted are only valid for one day/session. Orders which are not executed will be cancelled automatically at the end of each trading day/session.

Yes, a default position and order limit for each client will be set by RHB Investment Bank. However, you can request for a higher position or order limit based on your risk tolerance. Note that all orders will first be filtered based on available margin in the client’s account.

No, you can only increase your position limit during normal office hours.

You can check your order status at the order log / status of the online trading platform. A contract note will be sent to you via normal mail or email on the following trading day.

Yes, you can amend or cancel your order(s) before it is matched. Please refer to J-Trader User Guidelines on how to amend or cancel orders.

There is no membership fee or charges incurred to use the Futures Online Trading service. However, you may need to fulfill a certain trading volume criteria depending on the trading platform you choose.

We provide Bursa J Trader for trading in Bursa Malaysia Derivatives futures market and Global J Trader for trading in foreign futures markets.

Please check our latest foreign futures products here. You may also contact your respective Futures Broker’s Representative (FBR) for further information.